Manifesting using the Law of Attraction – Letting go

I have read so many books, blog posts and articles, listened to mp3 after mp3, watched video after video and tried out everything from hypnosis to paraliminals and everything in between trying to manifest my dream life but failed on all “big” things like money, car, house, boyfriend etc. I could manifest a clear road when I needed to cross or a lift home when it was raining. These were good to have but not life changing. I struggled so badly with the big things I even made myself homeless. It seemed like the harder I tried the further away from me my dreams I got. I tried writing down my intention, I visualised day and night, I tried so hard to make it feel like it was already here. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. I kept researching online or reading books trying to find out what I was missing. I just couldn’t make it happen. Once I set a goal I obsessed over it, trying to make it happen. I wrote and rewrote the intention over and over again. I thought about it day and night, wondering was I doing this right or should I be doing this instead. I obsessed over it so much I began to be filled with fear, fear of it coming true and fear of it not coming true so I ended up just giving up. Now I realise that all I was doing was driving it away further and further from me.

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